Fast and Furiouser


(I do not support the lack of apostrophes to mark possessive in this caption)

Ok, it’s been a while and I’m noticing that, for myself, it’s way past time for another dietbet! I think quick is best for motivation so let’s redo our Fast and Furious from last time and do 6 weeks again and 3.5% of body weight again. It’s doable, but requires some small amount of dedication on our parts. Again, if you can keep up a bit of diet and exercise discipline for 6 weeks, you’re more likely to be able to keep that momentum after this challenge is done (because you’re making a long term/permanent change, right??). Also, I’m starting it now. Right now. I have been putting this off long enough and SO HAVE YOU!!! So, just at Canadian Thanksgiving to start and just before American Thanksgiving to end. (My plan is to give you a week off and start again right after American Thanksgiving to get another push until Christmas).

The Details

Goal: lose 3.5% of your body weight

Timeframe: 6 weeks (October 12 to November 22)

Cost: $5 per week for a grand total of $30 in the pot at time of entry

Benefit: losing weight and being healthier! But, of course, everyone who makes the goal (with photo evidence) will split the pot. C’mon, folks, NO REASON to not all break even this time!

Rules: In order to split the pot at the end, besides losing the correct amount, you must

  1. Send in a photo of your numbers on the scale as well as a full length picture of yourself standing on the scale. We’d also appreciate if you submit your numbers to the form to make data collection faster and easier. It’s awesome if you can get creative and work both in at the same time by doing an above the head selfie but you have to be fast on the timing with the pic sometimes, depending on your scale. The code word for your initial picture will be FALL – have this word and your weight on the scale both legible in the photo. Photos can be submitted at any time to start the challenge but obviously if you get them done this weekend you stand a better chance of making your goal.
  2. You MUST weigh in EVERY week to claim the prize at the end. Weighing in to this form is quick and easy! This is because many of you get lazy but regularly weighing in keeps you honest and more likely to succeed. I wasn’t kidding when I said we can all break even!
  3. You must send $30 US to my pay pal and will not be entered into the contest until you do so. Slptanya at gmail dot com. Everyone (including me) submits US funds to keep it fair when splitting the pot at the end (cuz we’re all gonna make it!!).
  4. You must submit your final photo, with a code word to be announced the last week, by no later than November 24th. If you somehow make this goal before November 24th, you’d best maintain it!

Email us your pictures to fit4ASHA at gmail dot com. Katie and I are looking forward to cheering all of you on in your fitness goals!!

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