ASHAFit Biggest Loser III – Summer Edition

The ASHAFit Biggest Loser II challenge went well. Congratulations to Danielle who won, losing over 7% of her body fat in only 8 weeks! She won $50 and she feels better too. Lots of people did really great and even some lost a bit who are near their goal and have been having a hard time losing those last few pounds. 

Summer is upon us and if you’re like me, you get lots of great exercise but eat a few too many ice creams to cancel out the fitness. So, I’m running another one, starting June 28 and going until August 16 (8 weeks again). We’ll all be on vacation here and there, but maybe this will help motivate us to make better choices and more careful splurges

Same rules as before:

1. $5 entrance fee by paypal (to my email address; slptanya at gmail dot com)

2. Send me your weight (in text) as well as a picture of your scale reading for the first day (June 28)

3. Send me your weight numbers every Saturday (just the numbers, no picture).

4. I’ll post the full details of everyone’s cumulative loss every week or two (ideally every week but sometimes too many ppl don’t send me weigh-in numbers)

5. Send me the numbers EVERY WEEKEND please – it’s too hard for me to chase you down. Maybe do what Katie does – put a reminder in your phone/calendar.

Who’s in for another?  ALL are welcome!! Leave a comment, tweet me (@SLPTanya) or email me: slptanya at gmail dot com.