ASHAFit Biggest Loser: Take II

I lost a lot of weight on the last BL I ran. In fact, I lost 19 lbs in that 14 weeks and I won.  And then I got lazy and have gained back a bit of it. It was a long winter with many temptations to stay in and add to your personal insulation with fattening foods. Spring is here and summer is coming – who’s in to do it again?? I learned a few things with the last one. For instance:

  1. 14 weeks is WAY too long to run it. Even I had lost motivation by 10 weeks or so.
  2. People need skin in the game or they aren’t as motivated.
  3. Mondays are a terrible day to weigh-in!

So, here’s what I’m proposing. It will start anytime you want to this week and end in 8 weeks on Saturday, June 14th. Anyone who joins must put up $5 (to me through PayPal) and it’s winner take all. Lego-man-working-out-550x366  Image retrieved here.

Also, instead of emailing everyone who’s competing every week with the top 5 people and the percentage of weight they’ve lost, I will be posting EVERYONE’s cumulative loss every week (in an email). Not your actual weight; the percentage of weight that you lost. This way you have even more skin in the game than $5 – your pride! Weigh ins will be every Saturday (or at the very least sometime that weekend). Please don’t make me track you down – I don’t have time for that.

Many of you are wondering: Why are you starting this now on Easter/Passover weekend? All that yummy food and discounted chocolate is such a lovely temptation! To that I respond: Exactly! Plus I’ve been meaning to start this for a month and I just have to start it already and lock down my eating habits. If it makes you feel better, we’ll all have challenges over the course of 8 weeks. I’m moving houses (can we say take out?) and I have my and my daughter’s birthdays in that 8 weeks. This has been the busiest winter of my life but there is always an excuse not to start healthier living, right?

If you’re in with me (and you can join any time) send me a picture of your weight on the scale and some form of the date (smartphone, newspaper whatever). No need to send a picture every week, just the number (I’ll trust ya) until the end. If you win, you need to send me another such picture to claim the prize. I plan to start Sunday, because I’m a procrastinating sadist, apparently. You are free to wait until Monday but weigh-ins will be every Saturday until mid June. After you’ve sent me that, you must send me $5 via Pay Pal (same email address).

Who’s in?? Email me slptanya at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: OK I didn’t start until today, Tuesday the 22nd. Yup, I ate Easter candy. There it is. Anyone joining ‘late’ isn’t really late!

4 comments on “ASHAFit Biggest Loser: Take II

  1. weathersby says:

    I wish I lost weight…I’ve been actively exercising since last August and have literally lost not ONE single pound! WHHHHY.

  2. slptanya says:

    Hey Samantha – I know for me I have to write down what I eat (I like using My Fitness Pal – easy and fast). If I don’t do that, I don’t lose. Food journalling is the key for me or I don’t realize how much I’ve actually eaten and sweets are my downfall. Also, I got the Up Band by Jawbone and I only allow myself to eat extra calories if the Up band says I earned them. I can run 2 miles in the am and earn 350 calories but then sit writing reports all day after that (not active) so then I find out in the evening I only earned 200 of those calories. It adds up over time.

    But that’s just what works for me. There may be other things that people found worked?

    • Samantha Weatherford says:

      Sounds good! I weirdly am unsure about using Paypal but when I figure it out I will give you five dollars!

  3. I am gaining pounds too, this job has stuck me to my chair and I cant do any workouts or any physical sports or activity. 😦

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