Exciting News I want to share

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1. a project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy.
2. a plan for such a project.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who nominated me (@mtmaryslp, @atklingensmith@SLP_Echo, and @deantrout) and also who voted for me in the 2012 Edublog Awards – I cannot believe that I came in 3rd for Most Influential Post; it’s mind blowing. I was also very proud of so many of my #slpeeps friends who placed or won their categories in the Awards this year. SLPs made such a strong showing that the Edublog Awards team mentioned them and it was suggested that there be an SLP category next year.


I think this only proves how strong the community is that they rallied together and voted en masse, with no small thanks to people like @speechtechie for writing summarizing blog posts to help us know who in our community was shortlisted.

While placing top five in my category for the Edublog Awards is nice, that’s not really the exciting news I wanted to share.

You may have read Aubrey Klingensmith’s post about joining the team at Yapp Guru, a website launching in January 2012 that will help therapists and educators find the apps they need and also see what others like them have to say about it.

When Mai Ling Chan first told me about her vision for the website, I was thrilled for her to get it up and running ASAP because there is such a need for it. I was impressed by her ideas and passion, as well as her thoughts on making it a part of the community since I’m all for anything that contributes to and helps build the SLP community, both on and offline.

Uniting expert blogs and app reviews for language, learning and living

The weekend that Aubrey posted to her blog and revealed that she would be a partner in the venture as Director of Website Content Development, Mai Ling approached me to also participate in this venture with them (and others). I was blown away by the request! I took a full week to think about it and be sure it would be right for me, my family, and the company.

Given my passion for social media and my addiction to love of technology, and after a lot of careful reflection and consideration, I’m VERY excited to announce that I am now Director of Social Media and Branding for Yapp Guru!

You may or may not have noticed that when @YappGuru tweets (you follow us, right??) there is now usually ^M or ^T at the end of the tweet; I’m the T!  I’ll also be the primary person for all of the social media presence for Yapp Guru.

I’m really excited for what this website/company will be able to do for people using apps to help others! Even before I joined the team  (or knew I would be invited to join) I knew Yapp Guru was going to be one to watch – you should watch/participate too! We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so far and sharing content primarily on apps for rehab and learning. Please connect with me there!

4 comments on “Exciting News I want to share

  1. mtmaryslp says:

    I am so excited for this! With you, Aubrey, and MaiLing on board, Yapp Guru is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This venture is so exciting for ALL of the SLPs and beyond. Congratulations to you…AND to Yapp Guru!

  2. Hey, I nominated the post, too! 🙂 More importantly though, I am SO EXCITED that you have agreed to be Director of Social Media and Branding, and I cannot wait to work with you more closely!

    • slptanya says:

      shoot, I thought so, but it said 3 people nominated me – I kinda think they didn’t see Dean’s for some reason. Which is fair cuz they didn’t see my post either. Thanks, will edit post right now!! ANd thanks again for nominating me!

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